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Since 1951, the people of St Aidan’s Anglican Church have gathered and worked together to support the spiritual life of generations of parishioners, and to serve the wider community. Through Christ, living out our discipleship by engaging with the people in the community, we continue to come alongside the people and places where God is at work. With the church building situated in the heart of the community, central to the parish bounds of St. Aidan’s, we are able to continue to provide sanctuary, and faithfully carry out God’s mission for St. Aidan’s. 

The church building is an important asset in all that we do. As with many other churches and as everyone is aware, it is challenging to meet the essential everyday costs of running the church, to ensure that the required standards are maintained. 

In addition to asking that you give as you are able, in your regular weekly or monthly givings, we are offering another opportunity to support this parish. Let’s be radical, let’s be hopeful, let’s trust in God - please participate by donating to this program, in addition to your regular givings, as you are able.

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